Every story on Tennessee’s Wild Side promotes the proper enjoyment of outdoor life in Tennessee. But the stories highlighted on this page are more tightly woven into the theme of conserving our environment. These are the stories about endangered species, land management, and people who go out of their way to be good stewards of our habitat. 

These are the shows that remind us of nature’s call.

Roan Mountain Snorkel

Come along as some curious kids inch their way into the cold waters of the Doe River on their first snorkeling adventure. You don’t have to go to the seashore to explore the wonders under water.

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Chestnut Mountain

Chestnut Mountain is an example of what can happen when Bridgestone Americas and The Nature Conservancy team up for an investment in nature.

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Bat Tracking

Endangered bats are on the move and biologists from The Nature Conservancy and U-S Fish and Wildlife are busy chasing them in an ongoing effort to help them survive.

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Cave Snails

University of Tennessee Knoxville graduate student Nick Gladstone gains entrance to a Dickson County cave that has not been explored since 1962. As part of his master’s thesis, Nick is searching for an often elusive and very small cave snail.

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Radnor Hummingbirds

Their man-made feeders are bright and colorful…and surely you have seen one if you don’t own one yourself. But, how often, if ever, do we get to see a hummingbird’s nest or where it is hidden?

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Sequatchie Mountain Cleanup

The trash on Sequatchie Mountain has been accumulating for over 50 years. But, see what a group of neighbors can do when they come together and cooperate on a massive cleanup.

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Window Cliffs

Come along as Tennessee state employees volunteer their time to map out and create a new hiking trail to one of the newest and most spectacular sites in the volunteer state. The trail is recommended for advanced hikers and will require you to get your feet wet. But, once you are there, it is truly a sight to see.

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