Rattlesnake Release

Come along as we follow some scientists up a mountain on a mission to protect timber rattlesnakes.

Hi friends, welcome to the Wild Side… I’m Steve Hall.

Despite the absolute fear and hatred some people have of venomous snakes, there is still a bit of fascination with them.

We even debated a bit about whether or not anyone would care about the quality of life for timber rattlers here in Tennessee.

But once we had a better understanding of the research taking place up on Chestnut Mountain…we were all in.

Dr. Danny Bryan spends a lot of time trying to dispel myths about rattlesnakes. First of all, he says rattlesnakes don’t chase you… although he can’t say the same for copperheads.

He also tells us rattlesnakes are very shy and reclusive … and typically strike from a distance of one-third the length of their body… as he puts it… rattlesnakes can’t fly.

Episode 4001

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