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Outdoor Adventure

Backpacking Pickett
An Introduction to Backpacking and Camping Course was just what some of the hikers expected. But, there were others, like us, who had no idea what was up ahead. We hope you laugh along with us as we hike the Hidden Passage Trail.

Kids & Family

Tennessee Vintage Baseball
Batter up for Tennessee Vintage Baseball where everyone is accepted and no one strikes out.

Fishing & Hunting

Buffalo River Adventure
For those looking to get away from it all, a fishing and camping trip down the Buffalo River...118 miles to its confluence with the the perfect place to go.


Window Cliffs
Come along as Tennessee state employees volunteer their time to map out and create a new hiking trail to one of the newest and most spectacular sites in the volunteer state. The trail is recommended for advanced hikers and will require you to get your feet wet. But, once you are there, it is truly a sight to see.

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Thanks for visiting the Wild Side! Our Emmy award-winning outdoor adventure show is produced by RockWater, LLC through the support of Nashville Public Television and the Tennessee State Parks.  Wild Side is a vibrant voice for the environment, helping you experience and explore outdoor adventures just outside your door. Recognized as the “Best Outdoor Show in North America,” Wild Side is hosted by television veteran Steve Hall and airs on PBS stations across Tennessee and Kentucky. Check the schedule below for more.

Urban Bees
As more people move toward the inner cities there is a growing need for urban bee hives.

Bat Tracking
Endangered bats are on the move and biologists from The Nature Conservancy and U-S Fish and Wildlife are busy chasing them in an ongoing effort to help them survive.

Cave Snails
University of Tennessee Knoxville graduate student Nick Gladstone gains entrance to a Dickson County cave that has not been explored since 1962. As part of his master's thesis, Nick is searching for an often elusive and very small cave snail.

Crockett Barn Raising
An old fashioned barn raising brings visitors from all around the country to experience life in the days of Davy Crockett.

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