The Emmy Award winning show produced through the generosity of the Jackson
Foundation, Tennessee State Parks, and the Tennessee Wildlife Federation.

Outdoor Adventure

harpeth hustle 18

The Harpeth Hustle
Grab a paddle and head down the Harpeth River, then hop out and head down the road, then jump on a bike and ride to the finish...all for a good cause!

Kids & Family

hatchie birdfest 06

Hatchie BirdFest
Every spring folks gather together at the Hatchie National Wildlife Refuge to celebrate and see birds of all kinds.

Fishing & Hunting

buffalo river adventure 06

Buffalo River Adventure
For those looking to get away from it all, a fishing and camping trip down the Buffalo River...118 miles to its confluence with the the perfect place to go.


shady valley_03

Return to Shady Valley
Once drained to create farmland, the lush mountain bogs in Shady Valley are slowly being restored, bringing one of our most unique natural ecosystems back to life.

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Thanks for visiting the Wild Side! Our Emmy award-winning outdoors show is produced through the support of the Jackson Foundation. Wild Side is a vibrant voice for the environment, helping you experience and explore outdoor adventures just outside your door. Recognized as the “Best Outdoor Show in North America,” Wild Side is hosted by Bill Cody and Janet Ivey and airs on PBS stations across Tennessee and Kentucky. Check the schedule below for more.

ww turkey 02

Wounded Warrior Turkey Hunt
Wounded American soldiers take to the woods in search of turkey...and healing memories of a day spent in the Tennessee outdoors.

mussel mission 09

Mussel Mission
For these fourth grade students, a fun paddle down the Duck River is an opportunity to learn about one of our most important river residents...the mussel.

2015 tnsctp 12

Shooting for an Education
When students take aim at the Tennessee Clay Target Program's annual championships, they are shooting for a lot more than just a trophy.

crappie club 07

Chattanooga Crappie Club
Normally a reclusive bunch, these fishermen in Chattanooga are coming together as a group to network, share tips, compete and catch lots of crappie!

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