Mustang Makeover-Garrett Shanks

A world class event finds its way to Williamson County.

When the organizers of a national foundation got together to decide where they wanted to hold their one really big event for the year…Tennessee came out on top.

Although previously held in Texas, Nevada, Virginia, Oklahoma, Florida and Kentucky…spectators travelled from all over the country to come experience the Extreme Mustang Makeover at the Williamson County AG EXPO Park.

But for us, the journey started a few days earlier, up on a little mountain in Pikeville.
In addition to training and hosting clinics, Garrett Shanks hopes to someday own a petting zoo and take animals into the inner city.

You might have recognized the Mustang Heritage Foundation Chair, Paula Carr. She and her husband, Randall operated the Cross Plains Wild Mustang and Burro Center featured here a few years ago on Wild Side. Randall was a Trustee for the Heritage Foundation. He passed away June 27, 2022.

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