Exotic Avian Sanctuary

We'll tell you why birds native to jungles and rainforests are proving to be more than some people bargained for.

Most of us love beautiful things in nature… a spectacular sunset… a majestic mountain range… a starlit sky.

But those are things we can only appreciate. We may take a picture… but we can’t own it or take it home with us.

Then… sometimes… we see beautiful things… even living creatures, that we want to have and to hold. And that’s not always a good thing.

You may have noticed that Exotic Avian Sanctuary of Tennessee provides an obvious acronym of

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Exotic Avian Sanctuary of Tennessee (tnavianrescue.org)

Bird Trade (awionline.org)

US – Exotic Birds – Wild Exotic Bird Conservation Act | Animal Legal & Historical Center (animallaw.info)

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We’ll see what classroom instruction has to do with testing the water for life-changing experiences.

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