Women’s Quail Hunt

Meet some ladies who travel the country looking for adventure on a quail and pheasant hunt near Lynville, Tennessee.

At one time “Ladies Day Out” seemed like a logical amount of time for a group of girls to get together. Never mind that for men to go somewhere they planned entire trips…not just a day. Then a group of women decided not to be fenced in by some stereotypical female outing and started planning their own trips. They call themselves, “Babes, Bullets & Broadheads” and they’ve traveled the country looking for adventure. Wild Side Guide Annette Nole Hall caught up with them quail and pheasant hunting at the Double D Quail Preserve just outside of Lynville, Tennessee.

The “B’s” certainly get around. They’ve been gator hunting in Louisiana, black bear tracking in New Mexico and backpacking in Wyoming. All their trips are geared toward learning, making friends, and having fun outdoors. They also hold youth hunts during the year. The Double D Quail Preserve has all sorts of activities going on throughout the year…women’s hunts, couple’s hunts, kids and families. The preserve opens in September and you can hunt up until March.

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