Tennessee River Otters

The dramatic story of how North American River Otters were brought back to Tennessee.

Hi Friends… Welcome to the Wild Side… I’m Steve Hall…

Some think they’re cute while others compare them to large rats.

No matter which side you choose, these playful members of the weasel family are native to Tennessee.

But there was a time, not so long ago, when you couldn’t find even one.

So back in the 80s, a TWRA biologist led the way to restoration.

TWRA has received some complaints about otters.

They will eat the fish in a farm pond and even hatcheries, given the opportunity… and they’ve been known to cause damage to docks and boats.

But as Biologist Roger Applegate tells us, the agency also gets complaints about deer, turkey and rabbits…and he believes otters do a lot more good than harm.

Episode 3911

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