Rocky Fork Trout

Flowing through the East Tennessee mountains, the pools, eddys, boulders and rocks of Rocky Fork Creek create what many call the perfect mountain stream for trout fishing.

Located along the Tennessee-North Carolina border in Unicoi and Greene counties, Rocky Fork is a land of natural beauty and diverse wildlife. Within it’s nearly 10,000 acres of forest live an array of wild animals…falcon, bear, deer, salamander and turkey. Plant life abounds, with more than a thousand differnt plants identified there. But what Wild Side Guide Chris Nischan likes more than anything are the clear, cold streams rushing down the mountain.

Work is currently underway at Rocky Fork, but it will be some time before it’s open to the public as a Tennessee State Park. Special care must be taken to protect 10 species of animals found there that are listed as either “in need of management” or “state endangered.” Current plans call for a multi-use trail system for hikers, horseback riders, and mountain bikers. And, of course, trout fishing will also be a large attraction.

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