Radnor Aviary

Rangers and raptors work hand in glove to bring us an educational adventure at Radnor Aviary.
Catchphrases that reference birds of prey have long been a popular part of literature and music…
Fly like an eagle… an eye like a hawk… wise as an old owl… circling like vultures.
But if you want to know more of the truth about these raptors… you might consider exploring the expanded aviary at Radnor Lake State Park and Natural Area.
You can enjoy an educational experience there from very capable people who are continuously learning on the job.
MaKenzie Maness is the first intern in the aviary, and Manager Steve Ward wants the program to be a management priority for the future.
He believes that instilling these experiences and principles into the lives of young people is critical to the long term success of the aviary.
Episode 3603
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