Public Hunter Meets Private Turkey

For years Jimmy Dobes believed turkey hunting couldn't get any better than it was on the public lands of East TN. But that was before Wild Side Guide Chris Nischan took him hunting on a private farm.

Tennessee is blessed with over seven thousand acres of public land used by sportsmen who would otherwise not have the opportunity to hunt…people like Jimmy Dobes. For years, Jimmy hunted public land in east Tennessee, believing there wasn’t anywhere better to bag gobblers. But when he moved to middle Tennessee and met up with Wild Side Guide Chris Nischan, Jimmy’s turkey hunting reached a new level of excitement.

Jimmy makes it clear he’s going to continue hunting public land but wants to keep on Chris’ good side…no doubt to make sure he can hunt some more with him! No matter where you hunt, be sure to follow the regulations to ensure a safe time for you and a promising future for wildlife. If you need some help finding a good place to hunt or are looking for an experienced guide, whether hunting or fishing, Chris can help! Just look him up at Rod and Gun Guide Services.

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