Our Little Secret & The Misty Movie

From Virgina to Tennessee... we reveal our little Secret to acquaintances, friends and family...and that includes you!

Seventy-Five years ago, Author Marguerite Henry, wrote the Newberry Award Winning Children’s Book, Misty of Chincoteague.

It’s about one little wild pony on the coast of Virginia, but the power of her words has reached all around the world and certainly right here in Tennessee.

When we first found out we were going to take Wild Side to Chincoteague, for the world-famous Pony Penning Week, there were many sleepless nights. We anticipated the trip, studied all that might happen, made calls, asked questions, and gauged the best way to bring it all back to you.

A Humphreys County couple, who know the island well, and are quite successful in their efforts to bid on these ponies, already own several of them. So, they graciously offered to help us buy one.

Then there were even more sleepless nights, pondering all that would take place in order to bring our pony home.

There are Chincoteague ponies in several parts of our state making their own impact in each individual county.

And, you’ve probably heard us say several times over the last few weeks that going to Chincoteague Virginia to produce a docuseries on Pony Penning Week was intense.

Our schedules were tight, there was a lot to coordinate, and each location mattered with so much happening all at once.

But, back in 1961 when 20th Century Fox filmed the movie Misty on the islands, that too must have been quite an outdoor undertaking, so while we were already there, we thought we would ask.

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