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Wilderness Foxes

If you’ve explored the Wild Side lately, you might have spotted a Wilderness Fox. No, this is NOT an endangered species, but rather the name of a group of older ladies who enjoy the camaraderie of shared outdoor adventures. While they gather for fun, Wild Side Guide Eve Annunziato found that these brave Foxes aren’t afraid to push themselves in the rough country of the Savage Gulf at the South Cumberland State Park.

While some of their destinations might look a little intimidating, the trips are designed for women who don’t hike every day and aren’t skilled campers or canoers. May and Maureen say that as long as the women keep signing up, they’ll keep taking them out into the great outdoors. You can find out how you can participate in one of their weekend adventures by clicking here.

South Cumberland is just one of many state parks you can find in Tennessee, offering a wide variety of recreational opportunities, from hiking and picnicking to fishing, biking, boating, and camping. There are also interpretive programs to help you learn more about Tennessee’s rich history and abundant wildlife. To find one you’d like to visit, visit

If you’re interested in learning more about opportunities to learn about and explore South Cumberland State Park or get involved in helping support the park, visit the Friends of South Cumberland website.

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