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Water Warriors

Take one part river cleanup, mix in some young people, add the construction of some access points, then top it all off with a fun day of paddling canoes and kayaks, and you’ve got a recipe for teaching kids the importance of keeping our water clean. That’s just what happened when the Tennessee Scenic Rivers Association and Metro Parks teamed up with some kids in Nashville. They are members of the Tennessee Aquatic Project and while, like most kids, they do enjoy having a good time, as Wild Side Guide Ken Tucker found out, they are very serious when it comes to clean water.

We’d like to give a big Wild Side shout out to all the folks who helped with the access builds and clean ups…REI, Tennessee Parks and Greenways Foundation, and the ACA (American Canoe Association) provided grants for materials, while the Rogers Group donated gravel. There were volunteers from Paddle Adventures Unlimited, Whites Creek Watershed Alliance, Boy Scout Troop 93, the Tennessee Aquatic Project, the Sierra Club, the Tennessee Government Management Institute, and especially the Tennessee Scenic Rivers Association, who organized everything. Of course, the work at Whites Creek is just a small part of what TSRA does across the state. To learn more about paddling in Tennessee, as well as volunteer opportunities and paddling workshops or classes, visit The TSRA is a volunteer organization dedicated to the preservation, protection and restoration of the scenic, free-flowing rivers of our state. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, the organization has hundreds of members across the state and the south.

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