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TSU Salamander Study

Here on the Wild Side we try to balance outdoor adventure with outdoor education. It requires us to look closer at endangered species even though it’s a topic some might rather not discuss.
On the other hand when we see a species that is simply in need of management it opens up an opportunity to look closer at what’s being done about it. A Tennessee State University graduate student is on the cutting edge of technology searching for an accurate and quick way to keep track of the streamside salamander population. Her research is interesting and intriquing.

Nicole and Dr. Bill Sutton hope to have her findings published in a scientific journal. But, just as importantly they would like to see state agencies, such as the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation as well as the Tennessee Wild Life Resources agencies, to be able to use the findings as a future way to survey streamside salamanders.

Episode 3305

Streamside Salamanders

Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation

Tennessee State University

Cedars of Lebanon State Park