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TNSCTP State Championships

If you like serious competition, clay target shooting could be just what you’re looking for. Whether it’s sporting clays, skeet, or trap, nerves may matter more here than in any sport. And if you’re sixteen years old and so excited you can’t sleep the night before a big shoot, having a sharp eye and a calm hand might seem impossible. But as Wild Side Guide Terry Bulger found out, once the shooting starts, it’s usually the parents who have a hard time settling down.

In case you were wondering, skeet shooting started in the 1920’s when a group of Massachusetts hunters devised a way to improve their wing shooting. At first they called it “shooting around the clock” but eventually a contest was held to come up with a better name. A Montanna woman won the $100 prize when she suggested Skeet, from a Scandanavian word that means “to shoot.”

The Tennessee Scholastic Clay Target Program is an outreach of the Tennessee Wildlife Federation. Providing young people from 5th grade to college age an opportunity to participate in shotgun shooting sports like skeet, trap, and sporting clays with peers from across the state, the TNSCTP is designed to teach the importance of safe firearms handling, responsibility, leadership, teamwork, and to promote healthy competition.

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