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The Turkey Fandango

Every spring, thousands of men and women search for an animal with a brain about the size of a walnut that can outsmart even the best hunters — the turkey. Turkey hunting is both fun and challenging…that’s why hunters are always looking for new strategies to bring home a bird. Wild Side Guide Chris Nischan takes us to Maury County, where he uses a tactic many turkey hunters might not have thought of, one that he calls the “fandango” method.

Chris cautions that the use of a turkey fan to attract a bird should NEVER be tried on public land. You don’t want to be mistaken for a turkey by a hunter who is eager to harvest one. If you would like to have Chris show you the fandango method in person, you can book a turkey hunting trip with him…just visit his website or give him a call at 615-385-1116.

For learn more about turkey hunting in Tennessee, visit the TWRA website.

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