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Mike Crittenden’s Story


Our show has been home to more than a few fish stories. It’s also been a place to do a little bragging after the harvest of a big buck. And a source of good information about how to make those hunting and fishing trips successful. But Mike Crittenden doesn’t want to tell you what went right on his most memorable hunt. He wants you to know what went wrong…a fall from a tree stand that left him permanently injured. Wild Side Guide Annette Nole Hall takes us to his hunting field in Charleston, Tennessee.

If you would like to talk to Mike, give him a call at 423-336-1396. He’s always willing to talk about his experience…but be prepared to speak to a man on the other end of the phone who always has a positive attitude. He tells a fascinating story of what happened to him that night as he waited alone for his brother to go get help. We decided to save the details in case you want to read the book.

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