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The History of Eagles in Tennessee

When it comes to feelings of patriotic pride, few animals stir the imagination of people more than America’s national emblem—the bald eagle. The history of this remarkable raptor in the lower 48 states is a true conservation success story. Once threatened with extinction because of widespread use of the deadly pesticide DDT, today the bald eagle is thriving.

It’s living proof that extensive protection efforts, coupled with reintroduction programs, can change bad decisions made by man. Here in Tennessee, reintroduction efforts began back in the 1980s and today bald eagles are no longer confined to their usual home at Reelfoot Lake. As Wild Side Guide Alan Griggs found out, their magnificent wingspans stretch across our state.

Bald eagles were removed from the endangered species list in 2007 but their biggest threat still comes from humans. That’s especially important to remember as their numbers grow and the likelihood of seeing the bird in our backyards increases. The bald eagle’s success story is a testament to how people, working together, can create good when faced with the effects of bad decisions. From show #2111.