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The Conasauga River


Born deep in Georgia’s Cohutta Wilderness, the Conasauga River flows north through Tennessee, before heading back south on its way to the Mobile Bay. This state scenic river gets its name from a Cherokee word loosely translated as “sparkling waters.” While much of the Conasauga lives up to that namesake, parts of its waters no longer sparkle. Like many streams, the Conasauga has suffered at the hands of man. Pollutants now muddy much of the lower section of the river. But work is being done to change that. Wild Side Guide Ken Tucker takes us to this river of contradictions, where work is being done by the TWRA and others to both manage and protect this natural jewel, home to more than 90 fish species and 25 mussel species.

To find out more about fish in Tennessee visit the TWRA website at

For information on the Conasauga River Alliance, visit their website at The Conasauga River Alliance is using a restoration project at Swamp Creek, a tributary of the lower Conasauga, as an outdoor classroom, to illustrate the potentially harmful effects of erosion and the best ways to manage it.

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