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Tennessee Kids in the Outdoors

From show 2508. Whether you grew up watching animals on Wild Kingdom or have gotten to know many cool critters right here on our show, it can be fascinating to watch wildlife on TV or at the movies. But, it’s even better to meet these creatures face–to-face and let them come to life right in front of your eyes! That’s exactly what students from one Tennessee school were able to do, thanks to a special grant by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Foundation. Wild Side Guide, Eve Annunziato joined in on the classroom fun…and learned a lot too!

The grant program is called TKO…Tennessee Kids in the Outdoors, and is designed to get more kids involved in the outdoors. It’s just one of many initiatives by the TWRF, that is also very involved in habitat conservation and responsible land stewardship. The TWRF is a non-profit organization that relies on private donations to fund programs like TKO. Visit their website at to learn more about what the TWRF does and how you can help.

The wildlife program featured in this story was presented by NHECM, Natural History Educational Company of the Midsouth. Started by wildlife biologist Bob Tarter in 2005, NHECM provides entertaining and educational wildlife programs for hundreds of schools and organizations throughout the Southeast, teaching kids about the natural world by letting them experience nature up close. If you would like to learn more about their programs visit their website at