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Tails of the Trail

A rare combination of circumstances is often referred to as a perfect storm. So, what if you combined people who like to hike, with people who rescue dogs and then invited them all over to an animal shelter? Now that’s a rare combination of circumstances… maybe even a first. Well that’s exactly what happened when members of Nashville Hiking Meetup got together with adoption volunteers from the Noah’s Ark Society and broke a few pooches out of Cheatham County Animal Control. Wild Side Guide Annette Nole Hall witnessed the breakout and shares some “Tails of the Trail.”

Word has it the Cheatham County Animal Control was a very different place when the hike ended and the dogs were returned to their cages. A normally loud and rowdy atmosphere turned to the soft sounds of gentle breathing as the dogs lay down to sleep. Members of Nashville Hiking Meetup are planning another hike and the animal shelter is hoping this becomes a regular event.

The ASPCA indicates that of the roughly 3.9 million dogs entering shelters per year, approximately 31% are euthanized. In some urban areas these numbers run as high as 78%. Socialization and exercise can reduce kennel related stress and anxiety and improve a shelter dog’s behavior, thus extending their lives!

Since the inaugural Tails of the Trial event in 2014, the program has grown across the state, with 8 more events taking place resulting in over 150 dogs getting a chance to get outside for some much needed exercise and nature therapy. If you would like to learn more or get involved, visit

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