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Soul Hunters

Banded waterfowl from Canada inspired a Tennessee turkey hunter to turn his passion for hunting into a ministry of giving. Each bird banded by Canadian conservationist Jack Miner is considered quite a trophy, given the fact that all the bands Jack used are engraved with a Bible verse. Hoping to make a similar impact, Chris Smith and his hunting partner Michael Mason spend many hours in the field videotaping turkey hunts that Chris edits and turns into DVDs to help share a message. Wild Side Guide Annette Nole Hall shares their story.

Chris’ turkey hunt ministry hasn’t been without its pitfalls…a computer crash early on wiped out everything he had.But he didn’t give up. He got a new computer and started editing from scratch. His persistence paid off with the completion of Soul Hunters, Volume I earlier this year.Of course he and Michael will be hunting hard again this spring. Their hope is to produce a new hunting DVD each year. If you are interested in learning more about Soul Hunters, you can contact Chris by email at, by phone at 731-697-0754 or you can write to him at 185 Priarie Branch Road, Camden, TN 38320.

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