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Sequatchie Mountain Cleanup

We’ve told you many stories over the years about conflicts between residential development and habitat for wildlife.  Now, we have a story of homeowners happily sharing a mountain with some endangered aquatic species.  But they’ve encountered a common enemy brought in by outsiders.And now there’s an effort going on to get the trash out of the neighborhood.

While on the mountain, we heard some complaints about a lack of recycling opportunities in the community. Those complaints have been heard. A grant from the division of solid waste will allow a recycling bin to be set up right there in the natural area. Green Steps will handle pickup for delivery to a recycling facility in Chattanooga.

Episode 3402

Greensteps Chattanooga

Sewanee Mountain Gratto

Sequatchie Cave State Natural Area


Marion County, TN



**Special thanks to Dave and Mtizie Curtis of Ashland City, TN for their hospitality when recording  our host segments for this show.**

Photo by: Dave Curtis prior to his passing on 4/8/18

Dave lived a little on the wild side always looking forward to his next outdoor adventure.