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Scholastic Clay Target

It’s no secret that participation in the Tennessee Scholastic Clay Target Program is — pardon the pun — BOOMING! Since it began in 2001, almost ten thousand athletes have registered to compete on school teams large and small. One of those teams is the Spring Hill Generals. Having only come together earlier this year, the Generals don’t have a lot of competitive experience. But in a sport where size, age, and gender don’t really matter, these kids believe they can shoot to win. Wild Side Guide Ken Tucker takes us to the line with the Generals’ rookie squad, middle school kids who believe that if they work hard enough, anything’s possible.

When the smoke cleared and the scores were tallied, the Spring Hill rookies finished 4th in the state. Not bad for a group of kids that been shooting together for less than five months. But it gets better. The team went to the national competition a few weeks later and finished fifth! And young Laura DeCuir won an individual silver medal…just two targets shy of being named national champion.

Now that’s some good shooting! Congratulations to the Spring Hill teams and all the young people who compete in the program…we certainly are proud of you.

If you’re interested in getting involved in TNSCTP, visit the program’s website at or contact program manager Andrew Peercy by phone at (615) 353-1133 or e-mail at

The Tennessee Scholastic Clay Target Program is run by the Tennessee Wildlife Federation ( Visit their youtube channel at to watch a video about TNSCTP.