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Roan Mountain Goats

High atop Roan Mountain near Elizabethton, you’ll find amazing views and unusual ecosystems called “balds,” open meadows from prehistoric times that are home to wild animals and rare plants. Today the balds are threatened by invasive vegetation. Wild Side Guide Alan Griggs shows us how some cute animals with big appetites are trying to change that.

The “Baa-tany Goat Project” is now in its sixth year. So far the goats have munched through nearly 14 acres of blackberry thickets, but there’s much more invasive shrubbery to be eaten. Visit to learn how you can adopt a goat and help save the balds. (By the way, all the goats are assured of a relaxing life on the farm once their working days are finished.)

For periodic updates on the goats, check out the Baa-tany Blog at or The Friends of Roan Mountain at

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