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River Reckoning

In the southeast, creeks are not hard to find. Many of us have spent time wading these streams, listening to the soft gurgle of water flowing by or watching sunlight twinkle like tiny stars on their rippling waters. But beyond what we see on the surface lies a world filled with life. Most of us have no idea how many things…and especially fish…live in a creek, hiding just out of sight. But biologists charged with the task of counting those fish sure do. Wild Side Guide Ken Tucker takes us to Franklin, where the removal of a low head dam has helped some fish branch out, moving up through the Harpeth River and into some nearby creeks.

While biologists are still crunching numbers from all the surveys, there has definitely been increased fish migration through the Harpeth and its tributaries. White sucker and golden red horse were the most noticeable additions to some of the streams, with evidence that the fish are spawning in new waters, providing another food source for species like smallmouth and largemouth bass. And congratulations to the Harpeth River Watershed Association for being honored with the 2013 Governor’s Environmental Stewardship Award for their work to remove the low head dam, restore the river, and allow the fish to swim freely once again.

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