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Reel Tips: Panfish

While they may not look as good mounted on the wall or be as sexy as landing a big bass, striper, or muskie, when it comes to fish that are fun to catch and good to eat, you can’t go wrong with panfish. Today Wild Side Guide Joey Monteleone shares some Reel Tips that will help you put more fish in the boat…and on the table.

Crappie and bluegill  have really large fins on their back and they’ll push those fins up, so if you want to grab them without getting stung, just run your hand across their back very gently.

How many fish should you keep? With crappie, the 50% rule works well…keep half of what you catch so there’s plenty of fish left to maintain the population. With bluegill it doesn’t really matter…take what you can eat and release the rest.

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How well do you know your panfish? If you need help sorting out which fish is which, here’s a good visual aid…

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