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Preserving the Hill Forest

With our busy lives it’s easy to pass by many of nature’s treasures. Places like the Hill Forest, just off Highway 70 in Bellevue, a place people have driven by for years not knowing what a phenomenal jewel it really is…225 acres of pristine forest untouched and unchanged for nearly 100 years. Wild Side Guide Terry Bulger tells us how land once threatened by commercial development is now protected forever as a State Natural Area and a part of Warner Parks, thanks to the efforts of people like the Chestnut Group artists, who held a benefit art sale to raise funds to help preserve this forest and other natural treasures.

The Chestnut Group is a nonprofit alliance of landscape artists and friends dedicated to the conservation & preservation of vanishing landscapes in Middle Tennessee. These “plein air” artists for the land have held 3 benefit art sales for Warner Parks, raising more than 60 thousand dollars. Thanks to their contributions and the generosity of so many, especially the Friends of Warner Parks, the old trees that make up Hill Forest will now grow older…and grander. The forest isn’t open to the public yet, so you’ll have to wait a bit before seeing it in person. You can visit the Warner Park Nature Center website to learn more about hiking trails, nature programs and other outdoor activities available to the public throughout the 2,684 acres that make up Warner Parks.

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