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Portrait of a River

Flowing over 250 miles through Middle Tennessee, the Duck River is simply amazing. It provides water for 250 thousand people, is home to many freshwater animals, including over 150 species of fish, 55 species of freshwater mussels, 22 species of aquatic snails, and is known around the world for it’s biological diversity. But here in Tennessee, this wonderful river often gets overlooked, even by people who use it every day. Wild Side Guide Ken Tucker takes us down to the Duck, where some dedicated artists are helping people see the river in a whole new way.

The artists, known as The Chestnut Group, painted pictures of the Duck and places near the river as a fundraiser for The Nature Conservancy. The money raised will go directly to programs to help preserve and protect the river.

The Chestnut Group is over 200 members strong and has partnered with environmental organizations across the state to help protect and preserve our natural heritage. They practice plein air painting…or painting in the open air, a challenging art form, since the scenery and lighting is always in motion. To learn more about The Chestnut Group and their work, visit their website.

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