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Park and Float

If you’re like most of us the minutes and hours of each day are taken up with too many things to do. With work, errands and children, quiet time (what’s that?) is getting more and more precious. But we’ve found a way to escape the daily pressures and routine.

In fact, it’s easier now than ever, thanks to a program called Park and Float. With a kayak or canoe you can find yourself instantly transported to a world of serenity and beauty…where nature and fish await. Wild Side Guide Ken Tucker takes us to the water to find out more.

It’s estimated that Park and Float areas will benefit approximately two hundred thousand anglers who fish Tennessee waters, all by creating access areas that require minimal construction. T-DOT and the TWRA hope to establish up to ten new Park and Float locations next year. But the success of their efforts will depend on the amount of cooperation received from communities, volunteers, and cities along our state’s waterways. So if you know of a place near a bridge that would be a good site, contact your local T-DOT or TWRA office.