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Paddleboard Fly-Fishing

When it comes to popular outdoor activities, one of the hottest things going right now is standup paddling. The sport that got its start out in Hawaii has now moved off the open ocean and onto a river or lake near you, where people even combine fishing with it. Never afraid to try something new, Wild Side Guide Chris Nischan grabbed his surf shirt and fly-rod and headed out to the Caney Fork River to give it a try.

We’d like to thank Andy Hendrix and the folks over at Mountain High Outfitters down in Franklin for provding that nice SUP fishing rig Chris used on the shoot, including the Yeti cooler that we attribute to saving Chris from falling in. If you’re interested in buying one they’ll be glad to help you find a board that’s right for you. And if you just want to give it a try, they also offer rentals. Just give Andy a call at 615-465-6447 or visit the Mountain High website to find a store near you.

And if you’re looking for some folks to go paddling with, Paddle Adventures Unlimited is a great way to meet fellow paddlers of all skill levels.

Chris is an experienced hunting and fishing guide. To book a trip with him, visit his website.

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