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Paddle Adventures Unlimited

Sometimes a fear of the unknown can keep us from realizing our true potential or from experiencing all that life has to offer. It happens all the time on the Wild Side. Maybe you’re new to our state and afraid to explore on your own. Maybe you’ve lived here all your life, but something’s kept you from venturing out. Or maybe you just need some good friends to help you get out and get going! Wild Side Guide Ken Tucker introduces us to a group of fun-loving outdoor enthusiasts who would love to have you be a part of their all-natural adventures.

Joining Paddle Adventures Unlimited is free. The group is always looking for new members and despite their name, paddling is not a requirement…all you need is a love of the outdoors, a desire for adventure, and a willingness to embrace a paddling attitude! You can check them out online at, email them at, and follow them on Facebook.

If you love paddling and want to get more involved in preserving and protecting our beautiful rivers, you might be interested in joining the Tennessee Scenic Rivers Association.

Like the folks at Paddle Adventures, we encourage anyone who gets out on the water to wear a Personal Flotation Device! It is the #1 way to prevent fatalities on the water. As our friends at the TWRA remind us, “They float…you don’t.”

If you are new to paddling, you might want to watch this story we did on River Etiquette.

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