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Noel Natural Area

You know what they say, knowledge is power. And sharing it is a gift…one of many passed along by John Noel. John is a conservationist who, along with his ornithologist wife Melinda Welton, travels the world with the goal of making people more aware of the harmful effects of global warming. But as Wild Side Guide Alan Griggs discovered, he also does good work right in his own backyard.

John’s seen some beautiful places spanning the globe but none are more impressive than those 35 acres at Bon Aqua. While he’s a little self-conscious about having a state natural area named for him, John’s not about to stop what he’s doing.

The John Noel Natural Area is one of 83 found across our state managed by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation. Natural areas represent some of Tennessee’s best examples of intact ecosystems and serve as reference areas for how natural ecological processes function. To learn more, visit the Natural Areas website.

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