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Nature at Home: Rain Catchers

Covering nearly 70% of our world, water is the most abundant compound on the Earth’s surface. It’s also one of the most precious. Without it, we couldn’t survive. So it only makes sense to protect this life-giving resource. In this Nature @ Home segment, we take a look at some simple things you can do in your own back yard to help maintain our water supply, like…

  • Planting a rain garden.
  • Landscaping to mimic a forest ecosystem by planting trees and reducing turf grass.
  • Reducing hardscape elements in your yard.
  • Planting native plants with large, fibrous root systems.
  • Installing a rain barrel.


For more information on native Tennessee plants, visit GroWild Inc.  Special thanks to Dodd Galbreath with the Lipscomb University Institute for Sustainable Practice for sharing some tips on managing water.

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