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Nashville’s Old Growth Forest

This is a story about amazing discovery of hidden treasure. No, we’re not talking about kind of treasure Indiana Jones finds. This one is an ancient forest, untouched by people for hundreds, maybe thousands of years, aplace where nature has reigned since a time before history. And the amazing part is that it lies within the city limits of Nashville. You could call it a library of nature. That’s why students from Austin Peay State University descended on one of Tennessee’s oldest forests, finding and counting the many plants, birds, and animals that live there. Wild Side Guide Craig Owensby takes us with these young scientists as they venture into the forest primeval.

Home to a rich inventory of biological treasures, this land will be an outdoor classroom of unlimited opportunity for many years to come. Friends of Warner Park raised the money needed to buy the forest, which will officially become a public park in some time in 2014. You can find a map of the forest here.

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