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Latimer High Adventure Reservation

In 2007 Bill and Carol Latimer donated over 15 hundred acres of mountain majesty to the Boy Scouts of America. Located on the Cumberland Plateau, the property has direct access to Fall Creek Falls, Scott’s Gulf, and the Caney Fork River. While the settings are serene and the views breathtaking, it’s the high-energy, high-risk outdoor activities that are the main attraction. Building character through adventure – that’s what happens at the Latimer High Adventure Reservation. It’s a place young people go to gain strength and confidence by doing things some of us might be just a little scared to do, at least the first time. As Wild Side Guide Craig Owensby shows us, the key is accepting the challenge.

To learn more about Latimer High Adventure Reservation, visit their website. While owned by the Boy Scouts of America, Latimer also hosts meetings for schools, nonprofit organizations, and corporate or business groups. The minimum age for participation is 13 years old by January 1 of the year attending. Additionally each person must have a current health form, proof of insurance and youth must have a signed parental consent form.

To learn more about scouting, visit the Boy Scouts of America here.

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