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Hot on the Trail

While some hunters rely on stealth and cunning, others take a more direct approach. These would be foks who like to turn ’em loose and let ’em run…hunters with hound dogs chasing wild game. But sometimes it’s all about the chase, not the catch. Wild Side Guide Craig Owensby takes us to a beagle hound field trial, where the dogs are there to find and follow…and the rabbit nearly always gets away.

Those beagles may never see a rabbit… but they can sure smell them. And beagles aren’t the only dogs you see in those field trials. They also run coonhounds, foxhounds, even basset hounds…which paints quite the mental picture if you just imagine those hush puppies hot on the trail, ears flapping in the wind!

If you are interested in learning more about beagle trials, you can contact Wally Libbs with the Music City Beagle Club at 931-607-8323 or visit them on Facebook.

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