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Horse Creek Nature Days

Spread out over 2 thousand acres just south of Savannah, the Horse Creek Wildlife Sanctuary and Animal Refuge is a haven for wildlife and a shelter for abused dogs. It’s a place filled with big trees, scenic views, and beautiful wildflowers. Fox squirrels, deer, turkey, red and gray foxes, coyotes and bald eagles are common. And, as Wild Side Guide Ken Tucker discovered, every spring you’re likely to spot a whole herd of very excited fourth graders.

We applaud all the folks down in Hardin County who are doing such a good job of getting kids in the outdoors. Of course it doesn’t hurt to have a great place like Horse Creek. The sanctuary offers educational programs to school groups and numerous facilities, including hiking trails and campgrounds, to qualified civic, community and church organizations for meetings, camping, hiking and picnics. You can visit the Horse Creek website to learn more or give them a call at 731-926-4008.

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