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Harpeth River Flooding

It was a record event that affected thousands of people. The flooding that ravaged the state in May of 2010 caused billions of dollars in damage and claimed the lives of 21 people. The floodwaters are long gone, but the wounds remain. Some families were never really able to rebuild and many people will always feel a certain fear when heavy rains come. While the effect of a flood on people is evident, what happens to the rivers and the wild things that call them home when high water rips through? Wild Side Guide Ken Tucker takes us to a Middle Tennessee stream that was hit especially hard, the Harpeth River, in search of answers.

One of the best tools for landowners who want to protect their stream banks is the Tennessee Stream Mitigation Program, which restores damaged streams and riparian zones. The program is free, but does require a conservation easement to ensure the long-term success of the restoration effort. Visit the TSMP website to find out more.

If you’re interested in exploring the Harpeth River on your own, be sure to visit the Harpeth River State Park in Cheatham County. With nine access points for easy access, this linear park covers 40 miles of the Harpeth River and connects several natural, archeological and historic sites. Click here for a map of the Harpeth River Blueway for access points and distances.

Special thanks to News Channel 5 WTVF for providing footage of the 2010 flood.

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