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Gun Dog Training

They might be man’s best friend, but if you’ve ever been hunting with a dog that is… shall we say, LESS than well-mannered… it’s a not-so-friendly experience. But a well-mannered, well-trained hunting dog can add so much to those already exciting outdoor adventures. Today Wild Side Guide Richard Simms pays a visit to Blowing Springs Kennel near Chattanooga where it is their business to create great dogs. World-renowned dog trainer Roddy Reynolds is truly a dog whisperer, and he’s got some tips on ways YOU can do some dog whispering of your own.

To many hunters, a good gun dog is a piece of art. As Bob Foster says, “A dog that won’t do 300-yard blind retrieves will never get you UNINVITED from a hunt. But a dog that won’t behave will get you uninvited in a hurry.” By the way, Richard is always proud to show off his own little black lab, Britney. He says Britney has saved him a lot of birds thanks to what Bob and Roddy have taught him.

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