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Green Salamander

The Wild Side of Tennessee is full of little creatures that blend into their surroundings, unseen by most. Yet they play very important roles in keeping the balance of nature just right. In this case, we’re talking about the green salamander, an animal that makes its home in just a few select places. High on the Cumberland Plateau, deep in the woods, nestled back in the narrow cracks of ages-old rock outcrops is where you’ll find this tiny creature. While the green salamander is known for its shyness, Wild Side Guide Alan Griggs shows us how one biology student is discovering just how fascinating it really is.

The green salamander is one of about 56 salamander species living in Tennessee, which has the 4th highest amphibian diversity of any state. The information gathered in Samantha’s study will help guide forest management decisions, such as determining hemlock conservation areas.

 You can learn more about the green salamander and other Tennessee amphibians at the TWRA Watchable Wildlife website.

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