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Gobbler Knob Longrifles

The satisfaction that comes from a successful hunt brings a universal thrill, but it’s even more thrilling when you built the gun used for the harvest. That’s certainly the case for Gainsboro’s Rick Larnerd. As Wild Side Guide Terry Bulger found out, this former Pennsylvania Wildlife Conservation Officer has brought his badge, passion and talent for the outdoors to Tennessee.

Rick says he’s loving the natural beauty of his life now in Tennessee. And he’s quick to remind folks that even though he moved here from the Northeast, he did grow up in a small town where hunting and fishing were part of the weekly routine. Of course watching Tennessee’s Wild Side is now part of that routine…and we’re glad to hear he’s a fan of the show Rick.

To learn more about Rick’s hand crafted guns and turkey calls or even order one of your own, visit his website.  If you’re interested in reading his book, “The Thin Green Line,” just look on the “contact us” section of his website to learn how to order one.

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