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Fly Fishing in Schools

From episode #2103: Skipping school to go fishing is a time-honored tradition that is probably as old as the sport itself. Heck, even little Opie Taylor tried to do it on the Andy Griffith show. But times have changed. As Wild Side Guide Annette Nole Hall found out, in this technology infused generation, with working families and single parent households, if a kid wants to go fishing, going to school may be their best bet, thanks to the National Fly-Fishing in Schools Program.

The “Cast a Fly, Catch a Student” curriculum used by the program is specifically targeted to grades 6-12 and teaches lessons in language arts, science, technology, and physical education. It also helps students understand and respect our natural resources…so they can grow up to be good stewards of all things wild. To learn more about the program, visit their website at

Of course, once students decide to take their fishing skills outside and put them to good use, they’ll need a license. Visit the TWRA website at to learn more.