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First Time in the Forest

You may have heard the saying, “When you find something that works, stick with it.” Some folks with an organization called Nashville Inner City Outings have and they believe it’s good advice. They’ve found that when you give folks a chance to get outdoors, the experience can change their lives. So they keep trying to find ways to get more people outside. And when “outside” is the beautiful hardwood forest at Montgomery Bell State Park and the “people” happen to be refugees from Somalia…kids who have never seen big oak trees or been in a forest…well, the experience is certainly worth sharing.

To learn more about Nashville Inner City Outings and how you can get involved, visit them on Facebook. They are always looking for volunteers, people who love the outdoors and are willing to share that love with others. Who knows…it might even help you deepen your own connection with nature.

From show 2809