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Far East on the South Harpeth


There probably aren’t many people who would travel over 6 thousand miles to go fishing. But, if your dad is in Tennessee on business, and you get a chance to spend a day out on the South Harpeth River, it just makes the flight from Tokyo, Japan to Nashville, Tennessee all the more exciting. Akira and Karen Hori, a young brother and sister, teamed up with Wild Side Guide Chris Nischan for a remarkable day that not only included catching their own bait, but just about every type of fish they could imagine.

Akira and Karen say they can’t wait for their next trip to try fishing in a new location, which won’t be hard to find in Tennessee since there are so many lakes and rivers across our state. And if they can travel over six thousand miles to enjoy the scenic waterways, surely we can all find a little time to get away from our technology and enjoy what we have access to every day right here in our state…and our many state parks are a great place to start. Visit to learn more about some of the great fishing opportunities in our state, as well as many other outdoor adventures waiting to be experienced.

If you are interested in booking a fishing or hunting trip with Chris, you can connect with him on his website, or give him a call at 615-385-1116.

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