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Exploring the Past

Everywhere you turn in Tennessee tells a story of our past.  You can look out on rivers that became highways for Yankee gunboats to invade the South… you can hike some of the same places where Native Americans suffered on the Trail of Tears… and you can track the lives of famous people, from Andrew Jackson and Davy Crockett to Sergeant York and Jack Daniels.  What’s really great is you can absorb all this dramatic and intriguing history while exploring the forests and the waterways of state parks, because that’s where so much of it happened. In this story, we take you to Sycamore Shoals State Park and Johnsonville State Park where living history performers tell the Tennessee stories of two battles: one for American independence, and the other between soldiers in blue and gray. State Parks offer an opportunity for fun and learning in places you can hike, fish, walk, enjoy wildlife, see magnificent landscapes and relax from the daily grind.

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