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Endangered Conasauga Logperch

Flowing 93 miles through Georgia and Tennessee, the Conasauga River supports a wide variety of aquatic life. Home to more than 75 species of fish and 18 species of freshwater mussels, the river is a living laboratory for people eager to learn.

One section, known as the snorkel hole, has become especially popular. It’s a place where the water is particularly clear and the pools are nice and deep. People come from all over with mask and snorkel to explore an underwater world few expect to find in a river.

Over 70 species of fish have been identified in this area, which is smaller than a football field. Wild Side Guide Ken Tucker takes us snorkeling with some teachers, an instructor, and a couple of scientists who are looking for a particular fish…the endangered Conasauga Logperch.

From show 3104