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A Day at the BEECH

Spread out on 680 acres in Warren County, the Bridgestone Environmental Education Classroom and Habitat or BEECH is an extraordinary field trip destination. Students come to have a great time, but in the midst of all the fun, they’re also learning. As Wild Side Guide Ken Tucker discovered, every part of their visit follows a lesson plan designed to reinforce Tennessee’s common core educational standards.

Visit the BEECH website to learn more about it and find out how you can schedule a trip there. While they partner with the Warren County school system, any and all school groups are welcome, whether from other counties, private or church schools…even home school groups. The BEECH educators hope that in another five years, 20 thousand more students will have experienced their unique learning adventure.

We’d like extend a big Wild Side thank you to Bridgestone and its employees. Not only is the BEECH learning adventure free for students, but many of the Bridgestone employees volunteer their own time with the field trips, helping give kids a hands-on learning experience. It is a labor of love we greatly appreciate!

From show 2601.