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Cross Pollination

No matter how much we might want world peace, some things just don’t go well together. That includes plants. Some folks love native plants…others are more fond of exotics. But can the two co-exist? In this Nature at Home segment we find out what you need to know about mixing the two and the dangers of cross-pollination in some plant species, particularly the Tennessee Coneflower.

While Tennessee Coneflower and Purple Coneflower are both native to this state, they don’t naturally grow together. Put them together and before you know it, a hybrid version pops up…not all bad, unless you live near a cedar glade and the hybrid begins to take over the native version. So if you plant both, watch out for hybrids and if you find some, get rid of them. It’s the only way to protect our own unique Tennessee Coneflower.

If you have a question about native plants, coneflowers, or cross-pollination, try Mike Berkley and Terri Barnes at GroWild Nursery,
From show #2406.