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Crockett Barn Raising

A hall of fame for great outdoor adventures in Tennessee would surely list Davy Crockett’s name near the very top.  He was well known for his survival skills in an untamed wilderness before becoming a Congressman and then sacrificing his life at the Alamo.

Crockett is still viewed in many eyes as an historic hero. And some of his admirers in a modern day have stepped up for a sense of old time adventure on the very land where Crockett was born.

After a rainy three day weekend… there was still work to be done to complete the barn… and we’re told there are plenty of other projects planned for the future if you are inclined to put on the period clothes, pick up the old time tools, and get to work. And you are also welcome if you just want to watch.
Our website…… will guide to to David Crockett Birthplace State Park… where they welcome first timers to get connected with to the past.

Episode 3411

David Crockett State Park

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